5 Simple Strategies For Massively Boosting Your Abundance

Money. It’s on most of our minds with all the media’s buzz about debt, doom and disaster. So it’s time to take matters into your own hands, cleaning up your own money mindset and doing your part to create your very own abundance oasis. Regardless of what’s energetically going on around you, there’s no better way to begin to turn any financial frenzy around than with good ol’ Feng Shui.

So, try out these 5 time-tested tips and start opening yourself to the wealth of abundance the Universe…and your home…have to give.

1. Streamline Your Space

Disorganization is one of the leading contributors for environmental stress – the last thing we need if designing your space for success. Think of any CEO or business billionaire and you’ll never see them surrounded by chaotic clutter. Their minds are focused, their actions are precise, and their spaces are orderly.

This week start to mirror the actions of those you admire most with these simple suggestions:

• Start every day with cleared-off desk, wiping it free of paperwork, dust, and all other objects that keep you from focus and clarity.

Insider’s Secret: Ever since shifting my desk to one with only one gorgeous, calming orchid and my laptop, my productivity has skyrocketed.

• Clean out your filing cabinets, closets, and drawers, tossing the old, making space for the new – compartmentalizing and categorizing everything with labels, boxes, and beautiful containers.

• Restructure your paperwork so it no longer clogs up your creativity, establishing the most logical placement and easy-to-use processes for things like your in-box, mail station, daily to-do lists, recycling containers and waste baskets.

2. Attract Abundance with Art

Manifesting begins whenever we feel strong emotions, so what better way to trigger some fabulous feelings than through beauty, artwork and imagery.

Imagine the life you long for, things you’d most like to accomplish, or the way in which you’d like to live. Then head out to find objects that evoke the strongest positive emotions possible and that also reflect the beauty, abundance, opulence and wealth you wish to experience.

Perhaps it’s a photo of someone you admire, a breathtaking painting, or an expensive item you already own. Whatever it might be, the more objects in your home that makes your heart soar, the more quickly your goals will be drawn to you like a magnet.

Consider these types of additions:

• Images of triumph, achievement, success, passion or power
• Images of objects you would love to own, people you most admire, or places you wish to visit.
• A vision board reflecting your life as you wish it to be 5 years from now.

Insider’s Secret: In my office, I sit facing my vision board. It’s out of site for incoming guests and clients, yet empowering for me as I work.

3. Manage Your Money Mojo

The way you treat money says everything about how you attract it. Take time this week to watch your spending habits and bill-paying practices. Try these simple suggestions to transform your relationship with your money magic:

• Spend in style: Whether it’s upgrading to a new wallet that makes you feel like a million bucks, signing your checks with an executive pen, or finding a beautiful box to stash your cash – make every little detail luxurious.

• Organize your expenses like a well-oiled Fortune-500 company so you are no longer baffled at balancing the checkbook or terrified to do the taxes. Pay bills the minute they come in, and start using a financial program like Quicken to categorize and streamline every step, making money management an absolute delight.

Insider’s Secret: By doing this, I’m now able to tally my expenses at any give moment, and my tax time prep takes me only 30 minutes each year.

• Get a feel for your financial flow by paying for everything in cash. If you’re feeling out of touch with your own money, or tend to overspend easily, then cutting up your credit cards can bring you back into tactile, connected relationship with your beautiful, well-earned cash.

4. Strut Your Stuff

Whenever we prominently display things like degrees, diplomas, awards, certificates, projects, trophies or ribbons, it not only radiates pride, but also inner confidence. So think back to those things that bring you the biggest sense of achievement, and hang them where you’re most likely to see them.

A few display strategies:

• Place images of deities, spiritual guides or teachers in places where you can delight in their soul-soothing effects the most, like across from a desk, near your favorite easy chair, or beside the dining room table.

• Paste your adorable lil’ head onto another photo or online image representing your dream scenario so you can most easily envision and feel your dreams coming true: see yourself autographing that best-selling book; becoming a guest on Oprah; winning a local quilting contest; or finishing a marathon.

• Frame your favorite spiritual reminders, quotes or sayings so you can be inspired and reminded every day – on your desk, in the bathroom, or near your front door so you see it first thing every morning as you head for work.

Insider’s Secret: I keep the books and products I’ve created prominently displayed in my workspace since they are currently the most inspiring items to me, and reflect my future career and financial goals.

5. Broke? Fix It!

This may sound obvious, but “Broke = Bummer”. Busted, worn-out, mismatched items or random “stuff” with missing pieces and parts generate unconscious stress and mental distraction, as well as an excuse to avoid pursing greater goals.

This week it’s time to toss out whatever is getting in your way of greater abundance, so look out for any of these self-sabotaging behaviors and beliefs that may be wrecking your wealth or dragging down your dreams:

• Holding onto things because of poverty-consciousness: afraid to toss an item because of the belief that you won’t be able to afford a replacement in the future, or the belief that the Universe isn’t abundant enough to support your needs.

• Holding onto things because of guilt: keeping an object out of fear that letting it go could create pain in another person; a sense of codependency; and overall feeling of responsibility for others emotions and reactions.

• Holding onto things because of inaction or resistance: a place of stagnancy without movement; or the belief that it will take too darn long to tackle a task. (Gentle reminder: nothing wastes more precious life moments than having a home full of objects that symbolize stagnation, distraction, worry, stress or guilt.)

Insider’s Secret: I keep a box somewhere convenient, yet out of site, and use this to store all of my broken or unsorted objects, making it a habit to visit the box regularly to continue working on repairs.

So now that you’ve clear on this week’s five success strategies, it’s time to get to work and take action. Action is the key to making all success stick, so this week print out the 5 tips above and check them off as you tackle each task, making notes in the margins on key insights or added ideas you’d like to toss into the Feng Shui mix. Be creative, be expressive and be bold! Keep me posted on all your successes as you begin to transform your own home into one filled with possibilities, pleasure and most of all, prosperity. The world is your Feng Shui oyster!