Soul Master Handbook – Abundance

When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you. Lao Tzu

For the soul master, everything includes an abundant quality. The Source is constantly giving, pouring, showering, abundance into everything. Abundance, while sometimes thought of as material possessions, is much more than this – it is a quality and an attribute.

In science, many physicists and scientists believe that before there was a Universe there was nothing. In spirituality, soul masters know that before there was a physical universe, there was All. From nothing, only nothingness can occur, but from All, anything can be created, over, and over, and over…

Abundance is scooped from abundance yet abundance remains.Anne Sexton

If we look upon our life as starting from nothing, we would have a tendency to believe that in order to get something, something must be added to us. Likewise, within our daily lives, to consider that we are lacking is an agreement that we are, in fact, lacking. In other words, to agree to lack is to deny abundance. Since these are opposites, only one can be true. Just like something can’t be nothing and vice versa, lack and abundance cannot both be true at the same time.

Abundance is constantly flowing and expanding. Nothing can stop the eternal flow of abundance, except one single thing (that we know of so far anyway), and that is belief, or the mind. Since the Source of abundance can’t always be seen, only known, there are many metaphorical and symbolic representations related to the flow of abundance. This is where our life flow and material possessions manifest. The abundance we experience in our lives is simply the manifestation of Universal Abundance. If you are not experiencing abundance, you are resisting it with your mind. Otherwise, all there IS, is abundance.

Many of us are doing all sorts of new techniques to include more abundance in our lives. But the very premise that you must DO something to include more abundance in your life brings us back to an agreement that we are missing it. While being positive in our thinking is by far a better mindset than negative, it is still an admission that we are not where we should be.

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”Wayne Dyer

You will have as much abundance in your life as your belief system allows. Admittedly, this is easier said than done, but it can be done, as long as you know what it is that actually needs to be done. When we see ourselves as “just” physical beings, we accept that we are taught from a very early age that in order to have more of anything (love, peace, happiness, money, or whatever), we must make a lot of effort to add to what is there already. This is a very ingrained and deeply rooted belief system that is shared worldwide. This idea is so prevalent, it is actually riveted into our brain and we act from this very idea with a majority of our actions. Therefore our worldview is usually one that portrays the world as missing something, which filters down to our communities, homes, and our very being.

To reverse this process, we must begin to see the world, our community, our lives and Universal Source as amazingly abundant and constantly giving. The best place to begin this process is within. We will never be able to see things differently if we have not changed the lens of our view, by questioning and letting go of limiting beliefs about lack. (Note: lack is implicit in many behavioral attitudes, such as unworthiness, unqualified, unskilled, unhealthy, and a host of other “un” words.) We begin by seeing ourselves first as whole, abundant in all divine qualities, and in fact, we feel so abundant that we find ourselves overflowing our abundance onto others. When we consider ourselves, we feel full and complete.

I understand the challenges here. If we felt complete, there would be no need to seek abundance, right? Well, yes, that is the point, isn’t it? We work on our abundant mindset, even feeling very inspired about it and all the while in our sub-conscious mind we are saying over and over; I am not complete. I am broke. I am getting old. I am lonely. I am bored. I am not satisfied. We resist our very actions towards abundance with our ingrained lack mentality.

Beginning to see an awareness of this ingrained lack mentality will help us to make headway against it. We can’t just think we are whole, we must be whole! Awareness of the tired old beliefs we have about what is missing will begin to allow us to shift our mindset from lacking to abundance. Years ago, while working on a similar issue, I remember a spiritual advisor telling me that I must be grateful for what I have BEFORE I can receive more. I gave this strategy a good deal of thought. The whole process seemed ridiculous to me. I felt, “I am NOT grateful for being broke and in a bad relationship.” Jeez. How on earth can I ever get out of this conundrum to be grateful first before receiving more? It really is quite a paradox, like so many other amazing gifts that we have to consider. The answer came to me much later. It’s all within how I look at things. When I approach my problems from a position of needing something, even if I am grateful for what I have, then I will always be needing something. However, if I look at my life as complete (not because I’m settling for less than I want – but because I have the entire Universe at my disposal – and in this very moment, I am complete), then I see the world differently. I look at the world as constantly giving, expanding, and never missing anything. I don’t settle. I see the amazing Allness of every moment. Even moments that don’t feel very good have a gift of awareness within them, should we be willing to listen.

In summary, to create an abundant mindset and open up the doors of infinite flowing potential into your lives, you must start from an entirely different life premise. You must go from the stipulation of needing something in order to be complete or happy, to an opposite knowledge that you are ALREADY complete. Here are a couple of specific points that you can consider and apply some personal processes around:

Develop a sense of awareness about the areas of your life that you feel are currently lacking. Just begin to recognize the various “voices” in your head that confirm your feelings of lack. Be alert when you look in the mirror, pay bills, have conversations, and so on. Awareness is a huge step to releasing any problem. Be satisfied that you are recognizing your lack mentality.

It is a tough sell to tell someone that is flat broke to start believing they are rich, albeit, this is exactly what is needed to break the spell of lack, so instead I recommend that you develop an appreciation of moments. In other words, take single moments and see their fullness. When you feel the fear and doubt of something missing in your life, take the issue down to the lowest level, THIS MOMENT, and see the completeness of it. As you go about this exercise, and experience the relief and freedom you feel from embracing a moment entirely, begin to expand your exercises to include specific challenges, like when you pay bills, go to the grocery store, get ready to go home alone after work, and so on.

At a time when you are peaceful and nonplussed, consider things that you had previously felt lacking, and see them in a different light. Initially, choose benign things in your life, like your car, or your book collection, or the flowers in your front yard. Put on your “wholeness” glasses, if you will, and consider the fullness of these items.

Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father’s good pleasure to give you the kingdom.Luke 12:32 (KJV)

Please know, and consider, that your life’s intention is to thrive! Abundance does not come into your life; you are already knee deep in it. Wake up, from the “little” mind’s slumber, and begin to feel and experience the possibilities of living within an abundant mindset. It’s about time you joined the party!

How Inspired Action can Increase Abundance in Your Life

Tell the Universe that you are willing to take Inspired Action, that you are willing to do things differently, that you are willing to create more Abundance in your life! When people first learn about the Law of Attraction, they sometimes believe that they just need to meditate on Abundance hard enough, intensely enough and it will manifest in a few minutes, or even instantly!

We all may have hoped at one point or another that a “Genie” would bring millions of dollars. However, the Law of Attraction just doesn’t work that way!

This is one of the biggest misconceptions of the Law of Attraction, and the number one reason that some people become Law of Attraction “Dropouts.”

Don’t worry! There’s good news! Once you learn how to apply the Law of Attraction consistently and take Inspired Action, it can be easy.

What many people don’t realize is that there is usually a missing ingredient, The Missing Link that keeps people from attracting more money into their life.

When your action is INSPIRED and ALIGNED with what you DO want to create and you get CLARITY so you can form a picture, a feeling in your mind and heart, there must also be ACTION involved.

That’s why there’s that smaller “hidden” word in there!

Law of AttrACTION

The Law of Attraction is about knowing what you DO want to create, conjuring the feelings of what it would be like to have that You can learn to look for the “clues from the Universe” that are showing you a path to the Money and Abundance. You will be able to enjoy the process of making it happen, and letting go of the outcome.

Does it sound like a paradox to Enjoy Now AND Want More?

I’ll be honest, there is a bit of a spiritual balancing act… and that is EXACTLY what trips up a LOT of people and keeps them from the success and abundance they want to create. As you work with this, keep in mind the following:

It’s supposed to be fun. It’s supposed to be easy. When you love what you do, When you find that feeling of FLOW, Opportunities can arise that seem almost miraculous. You begin to easily attract opportunities. You discover the EASE of creating MASSIVE ABUNDANCE. You can Think and Grow Rich!