President Obama’s Speech and Home Business Opportunity

Upon reflecting on President Obama’s speech and what it meant has pre-occupied me these past few days in a very positive sense. As a person who is promoting the values of working from home through various home business opportunity offerings, my ears pricked up when the President told the story of the 106 year lady and the changes she had seen in her lifetime and how it was the people who brought about those changes not a specific individual hence the mantra Yes We Can.

The speech also acknowledged that the Yes We Can implied that it is not up to one individual to bring about change and it is certainly not up to the media as they along with governments seek to create fear and panic as that sells. The message was that each of us had to be one voice and unite thereby releasing the enormous potential to change the world then and only then do we secure our true freedom and security. Due to the turmoil in recent times we have been seduced by the press to seek further government control as a way to make our lives more safe and secure etc. When you here that statement that says The Government Has To Do Something that sends a shiver down my spine as it is just another nail in our collective coffin, whether that is to guarantee bank deposits, selectively bail out companies who by their own poor decision making or greed have gone bankrupt, save a manufacturer who was too blind to realize that the market for their product had changed and on and on.

People appear to be waiting for someone anyone to come along and fix all of our woes and I see that expectation already of President Obama as the press after two days started to express concerns on how he was going to do it thereby completely misinterpreting his message, which is what they do to create doubt and fear, and he is not even in office yet. The message was we all had to make sacrifices and that we are all in this together and that by the American people to their credit having the courage to change history was just an example of you the people can change the world not that President Obama can change the world but what President Obama stands for can allow us to change the world.

As the majority of people go about their daily routine which has become almost robotic and using only a portion of the amazing brain power we have available not to mention our creative side to dream and create we will never reach our true potential and that in a sense is so sad but it need not be.

Abundance is a state the majority of the people on the planet want to be in but unfortunately they inevitably associate that with money which is limiting because you might have the money but do you have the time, are you realizing your true potential and purpose are you happy abundance is best described by this affirmation “I give thanks for my abundance which gives me the ability to do what I choose and do it when I choose to do it”. There is no mention of money or type of house or car or holiday or whatever. The key to this is having the ability to choose what You want to do and actually do it not just hope to do it but do it and just as importantly when you want to do it.

How can you possibly achieve this if you are working for someone or even if you own certain types of businesses which require you to be at a certain place at a certain time. The truth is you can’t, we are living in a time where there are tremendous problems in the world or so we are told by the press and governments around the globe but the reality is we are living in the most exciting times in the history of our planet. That reason is due to creation and explosion of the internet as millions of people connect everyday to find a home business opportunity that allows you to connect to the world, you now have a customer base that is worldwide and is eager to achieve the abundance described above through an array of home business opportunity offers worked from home at times that suit you and at income levels that suit you.

The Yes We Can speech by the President said that it will require some sacrifice from everyone but one that is worth the effort and that means you have to have rock solid reason for doing not some vague wish you have to feel the pain you will incur if the end goal is not achieved and that goal is abundance as in the meaning above. Do you think President Obama just woke up one morning and said I am going to become the President of the United States and then just went on with his day not doing anything further to bring that thought to reality on that day or any other day that followed?

Had he done nothing each and every day the outcome would be that he would not be delivering the acceptance speech for being elected President of the United States of America he would still doing the same thing as what he was doing when he had the thought that is the sacrifice we talk about with regard to your home Business Opportunity you have to dedicate time every day to build your business.

There are many success stories of people living their life of abundance from all sorts of backgrounds, age groups, education and financial positions because of their home business opportunity and they all say the same thing you have to be prepared to learn to stay focused don’t settle for a life of drudgery of just getting by or of being told what to do and when to do it as against doing what you choose to do and do it when you choose to do it.

To achieve abundance which is our Birthright we all need to embrace change just as the the Americans have done with the election of President Obama which has been embraced by people all over the world giving them hope as it is not intended for us to arrive on this planet to be ordinary but to realize our own particular uniqueness and to do that you have to pull your own strings.

Yes You Can

Trevor Willoughby

Action Steps to Create Abundance

Are You Working For Or Against Yourself?

It has been my observation that creating abundance in one’s life is intimately tied to one’s self-esteem. If an individual suffers from low self-esteem, abundance suffers in direct proportion. In other words, abundance may be fleeting; it comes and goes, but is rarely sustainable. While on the other hand, a high self-esteem exponentially raises the odds of one’s ability to create sustainable abundance.

Now, the idea of abundance is not a fixed definition, but rather a deeply subjective meaning unique to each individual. Abundance for some may be based on material wealth, while for others abundance may mean a healthy body. Each of us has our own unique perspective on abundance, based upon our personal priorities in life, and the totality of our experience. However, I would venture to guess that for the majority, there is only one attribute that is exalted to the pinnacle of abundance. I am interested in entertaining the concept that abundance can occur in equal measures across multiple domains of our lives – material, health, love, family, fun, talent, knowledge, etc. Abundance is not a hierarchal structure in my mind, but more akin to a flat organization, where success is attained through equal contribution by numerous individuals, or in the case of the example, numerous elements comprising our lives.

It is evident that how we as a population have framed our understanding around abundance, leads to self-defeating behaviors. How often have you come across a friend, family member, or colleague that has mastered one area of life and has achieved great abundance, but other parts of their life are falling apart? Do we honestly believe that this individual relishes the idea of failing, and is content with the imbalance? Or is it simply that we as a population have grown comfortable with the assumption that abundance is a singular attribute?

I suggest that the idea of abundance needs to be perceived from a different vantage point, where the achievement of abundance occurs on multivariate points. Provide yourself with permission to enjoy ALL that life has to offer, and can be delivered to you on an infinite scale, rather than a finite scale. Then, and only then, will your life rise to the occasion and seek ways to deliver abundance to you in all areas of your life. Now, I wholeheartedly admit, easier said than done; as not only your mind, but also your body and heart must believe that complete abundance is achievable. If it is simply your cerebral impulses indoctrinating your body and heart to believe through internal dialogue, or some type of mantra, then you are creating a forced process. Rather the approach should be fluid and easy, resulting in all internal knowledge centers to simply recognize the information as a fact.

Recipe To Create Abundance In Your Life

1) Don’t allow fear to control your life – understand fear is a modern day emotion we assign to situations that are unknown to us. I ask, why should a new endeavor be fear based? Would it not make more sense to perceive newness as a fun opportunity to explore you even further?

2) Stay focused on what you DO want in life – commit to positive outcomes and focus your mind’s eye on those objectives. Do not succumb to focusing your objectives on the premise of lack, as you will inadvertently be sabotaging your outcome.

3) Act as if abundance has already arrived in your life – There is a physical aspect to materializing abundance. It is important to take small action steps that in time will establish incremental change in your life. Now, I am not suggesting securing material abundance by incurring credit card debt. Rather, I am suggesting becoming an expert in all topics of finance, talking to individuals who are abundant in the areas of life you wish to be, and create dialogue around how they achieved this outcome. Through a due diligence process, you will be drawing in that which you seek.

4) Be authentically you – develop a life of transparency where you are presenting to the outside world your true self. If you have a separate self in the workplace, from your home life, your internal knowledge centers will be unable to differentiate where the true you lies within the continuum you have created; resulting in a dysfunctional abundance process.

5) Thoughts and words need to be positive – Your perspective on life will need to move toward a belief system based on optimism, rather than pessimism.

6) Appreciate the small joys of life – create an attitude of gratitude, where small everyday occurrences are regarded as blessings. You begin to appreciate not only the broad strokes of life, but also the smaller, often overlooked gifts we receive on a daily basis.

7) Have an open heart – on a fundamental level you need to love yourself, and have a belief that you deserve an abundant life. In addition, your heart – your emotion center – cannot be encumbered by a shield of armor. The mere premise of protecting yourself from negative outcomes entertains a way of living that runs counter to your ultimate objective.

8) No one is exempt from abundance – abundance can be achieved by all individuals, what is often not spoken about abundance, is that it requires commitment, effort/work, daily practice, support mechanisms, and a belief that the outcome is achievable. The theory of abundance is not simply words spoken, then as an individual, you simply sit back and wait. No, the reality is that abundance is an active process requiring nourishment to become a sustainable life experience.

9) Let go of how abundance will appear in your life – be open to all manifested abundance you create, rather than rigid targets. Creating abundance is a skill that you hone like any other skill. Therefore, be open to how the abundance arrives in your life in the early stages, as you simply want to confirm that abundance is taking hold in your life. Then over time, you can refine your abundance skill to more targeted outcomes, once you are comfortable with your personal formula for creating abundance.

10) Abundance is not a win/lose proposition – In order for you to be abundant, another must go without, is a pattern of logic that self-sabotages abundance. Abundance thrives in a world of win/win propositions, where all of humanity can participate in a state of having.