Creating Prosperity and Abundance – Keeping the Faith

What It Takes To Create Prosperity and Abundance

Often, a higher level of living and creating prosperity and abundance involves putting more order and creativity into the daily activities of work and home. It includes living from the peace and joy of trusting Source. It means living the best life possible in the current financial situation. It takes faith, wisdom, and inventiveness to live a good life. Mastery of mind and emotions toward the practice of positive prosperous habits of living also takes planning and persistence.

How To Keep Your Faith Strong As You Are Creating Prosperity and Abundance

Inspirational reading, prayer, and meditation can help keep your faith strong. Practicing the Presence of Spirit in self and in your life will keep you aware of the Reality of a Higher Power working with you. Putting spiritual growth as the central focus of your life shifts your attention from the outer and limiting perception of “lack of abundance and prosperity”.

Cultivating discipline and exercising your will can help you put order into your daily habits and with steady and strong routine you will find your faith increasing. Even throwing out junk and giving away long-unused items that clutter up your home establishes a new sense of order and reflects your new values of better quality living.

Straightening up and putting what we do have to the best possible use shows our subconscious mind we are serious about living at a higher level, thereby activating and exercising our muscle of faith. Utilizing and enjoying the best you have, such as using your best clothes and dishes, will be a way to sustain the mental attitude of prosperity and abundance.

Naturally, being thankful and giving thanks for everything you have is another way of improving the value of things, experiences and people. This again creates and strengthens the attitude of prosperity and abundance and creates a sense of belief and faith inside of you the you “are exactly where you need to be and on the right track”. Exercising gratitude is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to get yourself in a state of heightened faith and certainty, rather than wasting mental energy on attitudes and beliefs that surround doubt and worry.

Sharing and giving of what you have is a way of being thankful to Source and keeps you in the flow of the prosperity and abundance of the Universe. The general rule in giving is to give to the place where you receive spiritual good, the place you can identify as being connected with Spiritual Source. Even in times of little money, regular small giving reinforces your faith in Source and keeps you in the natural flow of giving and receiving with the Universe and therefore in the flow and pathways of abundance and prosperity.

There are other ways of giving besides money; you can share of your abundance and prosperity in ways such as with your good will, with compliments, extra things no longer needed, or flowers from your garden or wild from the woods. I believe nothing makes humans feel richer than helping another feel and increase happiness whether by a homemade gift or small service.

Use the wealth of your creativity and faith rather than your pocket money to enrich your life with beauty, love and joy. Be inventive in beautifying your home and be spontaneous in reaction to opportunities for expressions of love and humor. Practice playfulness in your world for many moments of joy.

Watch and learn from small children as they express wonder at a bug or flower, or enjoy stomping through water puddles, gazing at the stars, or savoring every bite and morsel of a new or favorite food. Children are especially good at being masters of attitudes of abundance, prosperity and faith. They’ll easily ask you for not one, but TWO swimming pools for Christmas (one for each of the siblings) and ask it with full belief and faith that they can and will get it.

In obsession with poverty based thoughts and worries it is easy to forget how much of your life is still good! Sustain your abundance and prosperity energy by keeping faith in self, faith in your life process and the Source that you believe in.