Get Abundance in Your Life

Having abundance in your life is not about owning the most expensive cars, homes and clothes. So many times I see this word used when it’s not abundance that they mean but it instead it is greed that they mean. The difference is that abundance is pure and good while greed is the desire for more of the worldly things without regard for anything or anyone else.

Abundance is about giving; and not only giving materials but also the giving of the things that really matter from the heart and from your spirit. What you give can be a physical or touchable thing but it should also be accompanied with the spirit and it will touch your soul. Indeed it is the giving of yourself and giving of your time to others without regard for yourself. That is the true meaning of abundance.

So to get abundance in your life you must perform selfless acts that benefit other people. So volunteer in a nursing home, hospital, shelter, church or any place in your community where there is great need. And when you give make sure you give in a big way. Also surround yourself with other people who also give in a big way. The more you give the more you get in return and the abundance you receive will be spiritual as well as physical. But your giving must be pure. In the same vain try to stay away from people who do not give because they will take all of your energy and disturb your giving.

So in summary to get abundance in your life you MUST give abundantly in your life. Most importantly give abundantly in everything you do. The rewards are great!