Online Work From Home Business Success – Six Laws Of The Economics Of Abundance

Your online work from home business success and your capacity to build unlimited wealth as a Netpreneur in the 21st century are directly related to the six laws of the economics of abundance.

It’s important for you to understand these laws and use them, live them.

Today, in our creative internet economy there is no limit to the amount of wealth you can create. That is, new economics tells you that you’re never running out of anything.

It’s how you apply your human intelligence, your human mind and creativity to your physical resources that literally creates your online business resources, your online work from home business success, your wealth and income.

This new economics is based on a paradigm of abundance.

Economists, like Paul Zane Pilzer and Chris Anderson, study this economics of abundance, and they believe that today we as human beings have the ability to create unlimited wealth. Underlying their theories is the conviction that the only economic limit to your dreams is the size of the dream itself.

So, if you want to achieve online work from home business success in today’s creative internet economy, you have to play by the new rules of an economics of abundance.

And this theory is a different story than conventional economics tells you. Traditional economists learn you that we live in a world of scarcity, not abundance. Their belief system is different.

In this article I want to give you a quick understanding of the six laws of the economics of abundance.

I hope my explanation will help you to better analyze your online work from home business success and future business plans.

As you read these six principles ask yourself: How can I apply this law or principle to my own online business?

Six Laws Of The Economics Of Abundance

Principle 1: Your resources are unlimited because your human mind is unlimited.

This is an important one. Ultimately, you will never run out of resources, because all resources are inventions, creations of the human mind.

Think about oil. Today, everyone is saying that we are running out of oil, that supplies are shrinking. The process of finding oil is something we have learned in the past through research, experimenting and hard work. Today, we are exploring new resources. As oil and all other (new) resources, resources are really inventions of the human mind – and there is no limit to creativity and the human mind.

Principle 2: The supply of resources is determined by technology.

In online business your network of people is an important resource base. You could use new internet technology to increase your supply of new people, new business contacts and relationships.

Principle 3: The exchange of information determines the advance of technology.

The faster we exchange information (through the internet, for instance), the faster we advance technology.

Principle 4: Demand is determined by technology.

In the creative economy we live in, you must find something to make, and then let it create it’s own, new demand. Demand for new products and services doesn’t exist until (new) technology has created the products and services.

Principle 5: There is no limit to the economy because there is no limit to demand.

A long-term plan for online work from home business success navigates between stimulating quantity demand (the demand for more of what your clients have just purchased) and quality demand (the demand for different and/or other products or services). Quantity demand and quality demand create constant ongoing demand.

New products and services always plant new ideas in our minds. But these products and services also provide us with choice – an important stimulant of demand.

Principle 6: Focus on your technology gap.

Your technology gap is the gap between the technology you are currently using in your online business, and the technology you could be using, but aren’t yet. It’s simple. We often don’t live completely up to our potential. Your immediate economic potential for growth as an online entrepreneur can be explained by examining your technology gap.

These six principles explain today’s new, creative internet economy.

It’s important for your online work from home business success that you understand them, live them.

Abundance – A Spiritual Resource

Abundance is an inherent spiritual resource. A resource we all draw upon. It is not outside of us nor is it a choice or a belief. It is energetic in nature. It is a knowing in consciousness. Similar to seeing the color of your eyes when you gaze into a mirror. No emotion, no fear, no doubt, no stress, you know the color of your eyes. This knowing of abundance is directed consciously or unconsciously into our lives. Most of us draw from abundance unconsciously at the moment.

Abundance is neither good nor bad. It is within us. It is how abundance is understood that determines how this resource is directed. People are creative in terms of abundance, but it can show up in ways we do not expect if we are not thinking clearly or understanding it.

To more fully understand and appreciate abundance it is helpful to define and examine. Why define? Defining describes a meaning; expands and increases understanding and clarity, which helps us evolve as spiritual beings or soul. Everything is connected to soul and this is just one very small example of disciplining the personality is service to soul. It serves to physically spend the time to look it up the definitions online or in a dictionary around the home at a later time. The universe recognizes this as an investment in healing and clearing.

How do you define abundance? Take a few moments to do this for yourself.

Abundance can be defined as an overflowing fullness; more than enough; ample sufficiency, plentiful; wealth; and free found its way into my efforts of defining abundance. Aren’t those things in abundance free?

Everyone is abundant in one area or arena of life. Where is it present for you? Do you have an abundance of friends, support, love, strength, courage?

If you have trouble identifying where you are abundant in life we can view abundance from another perspective. Abundance can be turned in on itself. Constriction can seep into abundance if we fail to monitor our thoughts. Some of us, and I have experienced this, can turn abundance into the opposite. We can have an abundance of poverty or lack. We could have an abundance of misery or chaos. It has somehow been turned in on itself so that abundance feeds concepts of negativity, lack, separation or limitation. We can unconsciously channel abundance in the wrong direction, invested in negative places, which then feeds on itself.

For example, if we attempt something and have a negative expectation, the energy of abundance feeds it and the experience can become an abundance of negativity, hurt or harm. Abundance is always there, like air, and our interpretation can be unconsciously negative. If so, it then moves into belief systems which the abundance feed. So it gets more and more created, whatever the belief system.

People can be abundantly intelligent, but not supported. Some have an abundance of hard work, fed by the energy of abundance. It is possible to work hard, work successfully, but never quite have success, even though you wish it because of an unconscious belief that life is hard work. If you unconsciously believe you have bad luck, you have an abundance of bad luck. It is possible to have a lot of relationships and have them all be unfulfilled relationships due to unexamined, unconscious beliefs around relationships. It could be anything, but understand that beliefs are fed by abundance.

Additionally, we have almost decided what is permissible for us in terms of abundance even if it is all negative. What is permissible about abundance or true for you? As beliefs and expectations are examined the choice becomes, do you want to keep them? If you desire to change them one way to begin is by saying or intending “No, thank you” when you discover a belief or expectation no longer desired. Simple is not the same as ineffective.

How can a beginning be made in examining beliefs? Begin with what is permissible about abundance, or true for you? Notice the tags at the end of statements. This is one example of why what we say is more important than what we think – at the moment. It is the little endings that change it, and that is different for each person. We will feed our deepest beliefs.

So, how can we begin to consciously draw from this resource of abundance?

The most readily available experience of abundance is through eternal qualities. All eternal qualities are part of abundance…Joy, Patience, Happiness, Compassion, Freedom, Truth, Beauty. Just to name a few.

First keep in mind abundance is a knowing and a resource.
Think about it, contemplate it, daydream about it.
Align with the Highest Good for Self and others; harmless/compassion.
Ask for all the help you need an more.
Connect with the energy of abundance. Use the image of a river.
Meditate on it, allow it to flow into your life.
Abundance is everything. Not either/or.
Be Thankful. Allow Abundance and Express Gratitude
Have Abundance and let abundance take care of itself.

When we are not thankful for goodness that is abundant, the universe does not respond with more as it does when we are thankful.

What are you abundant in? Are you happy with this sort of abundance in your life? You can change it.

In regards to alignment and “No, thank you.”

There is much discussion around the concept of right thinking or how we have to change our thoughts or beliefs. These suggestions are tools, a beginning “how-to” process and do not lose efficacy over time but instead expand in their healing potential and effectiveness. Application over time, time understood as years, will bear witness to the life changing power of these tools, though it takes only a handful of weeks to see a beginning.

Living in Abundance

When you saw the title did you assume this article was about money? Many people associate abundance, wealth and prosperity with the financial side of life but it’s much more than that. We’re going to look at your own abundance, define the types of abundance and work out how you can feel more abundant across your whole life.

Do you have abundance?

Abundance is generally considered a positive word. In basic terms it means ‘a lot of a good thing’. So do you feel you have abundance in your life? I want you to take a piece of paper and a pen right now and write down every area of your life where you feel you have abundance.

Okay, now that you’ve done that, did you find the task easy or difficult?

Those of you who found the task easier and found several areas of abundance in your life will tend to have a greater understanding of what abundance truly is. Perhaps you included emotions and things that make you happy as well as the concrete, material things we usually associate with abundance. For instance, you may feel you have an abundance of love or joy in your family life, or an abundance of beauty in your home because you’ve created the feel and comfort you desire in the place you spend much of your time. Do you have an abundance of time to do the things you enjoy or simply an abundance of happiness and contentment with your life in general?

Those of you who struggled to think of where you have abundance in your life may be more disconnected with the true notion of abundance and this is quite common in our materially-focused world. Your abundance, or lack of it, comes not from your opportunities to make money but from the way you perceive abundance and the way you perceive yourself more about that further on.

Perhaps you have a long list but they are all material things a great car, the latest technological gadgets, lots of money in the bank, a great house, a wardrobe full of expensive clothes, etc. So the task may have appeared easy, but your view of abundance is incomplete and may lead to discontentment in the long-term.

Defining Abundance

According to, abundance relates to three areas:

  1. an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply: an abundance of grain.
  2. overflowing fullness: abundance of the heart.
  3. affluence; wealth: the enjoyment of abundance.

Definition one relates to material abundance – when we have plenty of something such as money and possessions. This can be anything from food to an abundance of shoes in your wardrobe! Material abundance is the easiest to focus on because it’s external and requires little more than acquiring ‘things’. It’s important to point out here that money in itself is not a negative thing but tends to have many negative associations. By changing how you perceive money, and by managing it correctly and wisely, you can actually increase your financial abundance. See the section on affirmations below.

Definition two relates to emotional abundance, where your heart overflows with love, or you feel full of contentment, compassion, and so on with yourself and others. This side of abundance comes from within you and is therefore not as easy to acquire. It requires loving yourself and opening yourself up to the world because unless you can feel an abundance of love towards yourself you will find it difficult to receive an abundance of love from others.

I love the third definition that points out that wealth, for example, is not a state in itself but the enjoyment of what you have. You may need to examine your mindset and redefine what ‘wealth’ is to you it relates not just to material abundance but to your emotional abundance as well. Recognize where in your life you already have abundance and identify what will truly make you feel you have abundance.

Knowing when you’ve achieved abundance

As you can see, abundance is not so much about what we’ve acquired as it is about a feeling of contentment, satisfaction and happiness. I believe that when we are in a true state of abundance we are keen to share that abundance with others. When we’ve achieved that state of ‘overflow’ we have enough to give to others and this can be in the form of both material and emotional contributions. However, if you feel you ‘need’ more or that you’re still ‘lacking’ something, then you’re not yet feeling abundant.

Think about this, the same two people living within the exact same means, same house, same possessions, same career, state of health and family life can have two very different perceptions. One can feel grateful for the abundance they have and feel very satisfied with their life. While the other person can feel they are living at the bottom of their means and are not satisfied with what they have. It’s all about how you choose to think. What are you going to choose?

How to Achieve Abundance

Now that you have a more complete view of abundance, you may be wondering exactly what you can do to recognise it and welcome it into your life. Here are some ideas:

Honor Yourself

Before anything else you need to believe that you are worthy of abundance. Begin with the list you already created and examine your beliefs about wealth, money, happiness and abundance because it’s all tied together. Feeling that you don’t deserve these things may be your biggest block to having positive things come into your life. The following ideas will help you work on identifying your reality and honoring yourself and your life.

Gratitude Journal

I suggest you start a gratitude journal. This is something that has become popular since Sarah Ban Breathnach wrote “Simple Abundance”. Buy yourself a nice blank notebook and at the end of each day, write down at least three things you are grateful for (aim for 5) from your day. This will help you recognise the things in your life that are positive and will help to change your way of thinking from one of ‘lacking’ to one of ‘abundance’. There’s a lot we take for granted and focusing your attention on the tiniest of good things in your life will help you put things into perspective. Even if things seem dire at this point in time, you can choose to be grateful for the basics such as the food you have to eat, the clothes on your back and the roof over your head. A gratitude journal will help you focus on what you have rather than what you don’t have.


Affirmations are positive statements that can help you change the way you think about something, especially yourself. Find or create some affirmations and say them to yourself several times a day, at least when you wake up and before going to bed. Place the affirmations in prominent locations so you are reminded to read them and try to really feel them. By phrasing them in the present (“I am…” or “I have…”), you allow your mind to connect with the statement and implement it, whereas creating a phrase that is in the future (“I will…” or “I want to…”) tells your mind that it’s only a possibility. Here are some examples of positive affirmations relating to abundance:

  • “I allow abundance to flow through me.”
  • “I am prosperous.”
  • “I am physically, emotionally and spiritually wealthy.”
  • “My life is filled with positive abundance. All of my needs are met and more.”
  • “I am open and receptive to all the good and abundance in the universe.”
  • “I always find an abundance of things to love about my life, myself, and all those around me.”

Be of Service

Look at the world, your local community and your neighbors. What do they need that you can give? Even if it’s something small, knowing that you can help others can put things into perspective and make you realise what’s most important to you. You could volunteer your time in the children’s ward at your local hospital, visit with the elderly in nursing homes and listen to their stories, make a meal for your sick neighbor, donate a few dollars a week or month to causes close to your heart and so on. This act works on the universal law that what you send out comes back to you. Give of yourself and the world will give back to you.

There is no reason that you should not have abundance flow to you. The universe is waiting for you to allow it to give to you, so open up your mind and heart and see what can happen!