The Abundance Book – Create Your Own Abundance Journal

Marilyn awoke worried about an argument with her husband the night before. She wanted the kids to stay home this summer for more family time. He wanted them to go off to camp to become more independent and mature.


This really frightened Marilyn. She was a stay at home mom. How could she justify her “job” if her children were gone? As well, she would miss them terribly. She wanted a family vacation instead.

Her husband thought the family needed extra income. He wanted her to go back to work.

She, on the other hand, felt all children needed to have at least one parent home with them for proper nurturing, care and support. As well, her secret life long dream was to be a “stay at home mom.”

One of Marilyn’s favorite ways to solve problems was to go to the book store, meander around the isles until a “special” book fell off the shelf into her hands. The book that found her today was about creating her own abundance book in the form of a journal.

She began her abundance journal right away. The journal was to be based on her deepest feelings and desires. The abundance book said to exactly express what she really wanted as if it had already happened.

The journal was not to concern itself with the toil and trouble of “how” her desires would be delivered. It was to simply express her life exactly as she wanted it without bringing any harm or negative outcome to others in the process.

She began by describing her “stay at home mom” lifestyle. In her abundance book journal the family had an increase in income without her going back to work. She did not worry how their income issues were settled. She simply made it so. When she was through she felt light, happy and content.

In addition to this, the book said to create an affirmation for the day based on that day’s journal entry. Her affirmation for that day was, “My ideas are perfectly honored by everyone, every day in every way.”

She was to repeat that affirmation to herself during the day at every chance she got. She could repeat it silently in her mind or out loud, depending on her circumstances. Repeating it out loud was the most effective way to do this.

She saw results quickly.

Within a week her husband received an unexpected raise at work. It came from the way the company matched his 401K contribution, increasing their match into the plan by a wide amount. This increase would ensure a larger savings rate for their future.

That evening at dinner, he suggested of his own volition, the family go on a vacation to the Grand Canyon instead of sending the children to camp for the entire summer. He thought two weeks at camp would be more than enough time for the children to learn some independence.

Everyone was ecstatic with this plan.

Marilyn realized the power of creating her own abundance book in the form of a journal. She decided this would be a great project to teach the children during the summer.